A Benefit for Josh Ruza with Lil Bambinos

Sunday, December 11
Doors: 7pm

*All events are 21+ valid ID required for entry*
*Attendees are encouraged to wear masks while not actively drinking*

7PM – Doors
8PM – Show

Tonight’s show is the collaborative effort of Josh Ruza’s friends to get him gas money to drive his ass back to Philly!!

Why should you care? Because Ruza would help you out! Jokes aside, Josh has spent the lions share of his time in Philly in service to the Philly music scene, never once asking for anything in return, he just did it for the love of our scene. From back lining shows at skate parks, building stages in basements, fixing peoples vans and cars, giving countless drunks rides home and being a champion handyman for Johnny Brenda’s, it’s time the scene gave something back to Ruza. Mixed bill showcase featuring music from Ruza’s closest friends and it’s only 10 bucks, come on out, have a blast, and help us put gas in my man’s tank!


Lil bambinos are an energetic rock and roll enigma on a war against all things corny. Telling a Philadelphia story the only way it can be told, loudly! When this three piece adorns themselves with their high top sneakers, black jeans, and white T’s so fresh you see the crease, you know it’s gonna be a show you don’t want to miss. Remember, the town is watching you!!


Side Pocket Louie is a cowpunk band started in Portland, OR in 2016. Their catchy, hook-driven lyrics focus on themes including inequality, poverty, political corruption, incarceration, addiction, and all the other things that keep life exciting. After many lineup changes and relocations, they are currently based in Philadelphia and feature frontman Ryan Gorham alongside Bern the Bastard on lead guitar, Keli Birchfield on drums, and Reid Dawson on bass.


“Old Fashion Philly Hardcore”