Midwife & Nyxy Nyx

Johnny Brenda's Presents

Ages 21 and up
Sunday, April 16
Doors: 8pm

*All events are 21+ valid ID required for entry*


7PM – Doors

8PM – Show



Madeline Johnston is a self taught multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, currently based in Southern New Mexico by way of Denver, Colorado, where she spent the last decade + developing her sound and focusing on her artistic community. Midwife began while Madeline was a resident of the beloved DIY space Rhinoceropolis in 2014. She has released three albums with The Flenser, most recently, Luminol (2021), which received National and International acclaim. On stage, Johnston is known for her sparse, emotionally charged experimental pop music that can silence a room. On record, she produces intricate and lush sonic environments in her own little corner of the heavy music scene. She describes her sound as “Heaven Metal,” AKA emotional music about devastation: catharsis. Johnston writes primarily about grief, and the many faces it can inhabit. 


nyxy nyx are a self-described psychedelic gothic punk art rock band learning how to play the recorder in 3rd grade. brian, ben, tim & alex write & perform haunted pop songs of love, pain, the profound, the mundane.


Following the dissolution of Austin-based experimental band Beth Israel, primary songwriter Zack Claxton began using intense versatility; blending fuzzy, melodic pop hooks, no-wave freak outs, bizarre instrumentation and acoustic ballads.  ”I sing about my ex-girlfriend, flower pots, how Cafe Brazil won’t hire me.”


Permasquelch is the dreamy experimental, ambient sound project of Philadelphia artist Emily Milano. The projects recent release “Some Kind Of Ugly” is a record that showcases a wide spectrum of mind bending soundscapes. Other recent projects include “Ubiquiton,” a take on American primitive guitar style. 


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