Johnny Brenda's Presents

Morgan Garrett

Ages 21 and up
Tuesday, July 02
Doors: 7pm
*All events are 21+ valid ID required for entry*

7PM – Doors
8PM – Show

Morgan Garrett has long been and continues to be a stalwart presence in independent American experimental music. Reaching for any sonic tools without pretense of recapitulating any musical tradition, his work evades the confines of genre, but has found a home amidst both the more personal and off-kilter visions from American noise and industrial music, as well as the fringes of underground electronic music. Morgan’s debut headlining performance at Johnny Brenda’s celebrates the release of his LP Purity on Orange Milk Records.

Primal Rat Screw pushes a lot of boundaries around extreme music (punk, metal, avant-garde, performance art, no-wave, and noise), as well as introducing techniques, songwriting styles, and lyrical content that is unique to its own. A complete mix of performance, swag, harmony, dissonance; designed to express the cultural relevance of spiritually heavy subject matter.

Vulnerability, hardcore, classical. A swirl of frustration and hopelessness, absurdity humor lead by crooner falsetto and ridiculous midwestern culture film, akin to Harmony Korine’s works and Tilt by Scott Walker, or Blemish by David Sylvian.

Patrick Gallagher is a sound artist currently based in Philadelphia, PA. With a formal education in mathematics, Gallagher employs generative/algorithmic processes, guided improvisation, and intuitive sound collage in an effort to weave evocative and evolving sonic narratives. Exploring the various developments of 20th century composition and contemporary computer music, he seeks to fuse that technicality with the cathartic and rapturous nature of the DIY noise underground.

Andy Loebs is an experimental electronic producer & multi instrumentalist based in Philadelphia. Known for combining a slew of contrasting styles & imaginary textures, Loebs has created an ever expanding body of work that is equal parts midi prog rock, meticulous sound design, & y2k raver cartoon techno. 

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