Johnny Brenda's Presents

New Year’s Eve with Lilys

Ages 21 and up
Sunday, December 31
Doors: 8pm

*All events are 21+ valid ID required for entry*


8PM – Doors

9PM – Show

New Year’s Eve with…


The highly influential indie rock band LILYS is the constantly changing concept vehicle of Kurt Heasley, the group’s frontman, founder and sole constant member. His harmonically complex songwriting has resulted in six albums and five EPs. Originating in Washington,  D.C, the nomadic Heasley refers to LILYS different periods as Epochs I, II and III. Through him and the rotating players in LILYS, the musical style and approach shifts continually. The early recordings or Epoch I, including 1992’s stunning, noise laden debut album In the Presence of Nothing and the etheric sophomore album Eccsame the Photon Band, were strongly influenced by  MY BLOODY VALENTINE. LILYS’ first seven-inch single “February Fourteenth,” released on SLUMBERLAND RECORDS in 1991, even gives direct tribute to their impact. The spare, minimalist Eccsame the Photon Band is described as a “hallucinatory revelation” by Marc Hogan of Pitchfork, ETPB marks Kurt Heasley’s LILYS shift to a slower, moodier, and more spaced-out sound.  Robert Christgau describes the band’s sound at this time as “amplified watercolors”. Epoch I continues in the same year with the mini LP, A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns, on which LILYS refashion themselves as a dream infused experimental noise pop group. The album features the track “Ginger”, which was used in a well known CK1 advertisement in the mid-nineties. Shortly thereafter, Epoch II is born as a now Boston-based Heasley delivers Better Can’t Make Your Life Better, and with it evidence of a strong British Invasion. The album’s single, “A Nanny In Manhattan” rose to #16 on the UK Charts after being used in a 1998 advertising campaign for Levi’s directed by Roman Coppola. The following year LILYS perform the first fully live performance on Top of The Pops in almost twenty years. Epoch II recordings go on to include The Services (For the Soon to Be Departed) EP, Zero Population Growth EP and The 3-Way.  The new millennium dawns and with it a Philadelphia based Epoch III including the Selected EP, Precollection and Everything Wrong Is Imaginary. By 2008 and 2009 a post-Epoch version of LILYS performs live shows in and around San Francisco and Los Angeles, the All Tomorrow’s Parties festivals curated by My Bloody Valentine in the abandoned city retreats of New York and London and open for MBV at some of their other US shows. A meticulously remastered vinyl version of LILYS’  second full-length album, Eccsame The Photon Band is currently being re-issued through the legendary FRONTIER RECORDS. This 21st anniversary re-release includes original artwork and has an enhanced dynamic range with the reordering of songs.

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