Johnny Brenda's Presents

Suzanne Sheer with Star Destroyers


Ages 21 and up
Monday, July 15
Doors: 7pm

*All events are 21+ valid ID required for entry*

7 PM – Doors
8 PM – Show

Philadelphia singer/songwriter Suzanne Sheer is a soulful R&B powerhouse who blends her sexual and surreal compositions with experimental electronic music. Originally from Pittsburgh, Suzanne moved to Philly and has quickly made a name for herself with her innovative sound and captivating performances. Her new single “Two Graves” melds indie-pop and soul over hip-hop breaks for a lo-fi funk-grunge anthem of revenge and liberation. Known for her electrifying “On The Radar” performance and viral street piano act, Sheer’s music has become anthems for Philly’s Eagles and 76ers, earning city-wide acclaim and critical praise.  Joining her for this special performance are Star Destroyers, a collaborative project featuring JONILL on keys, AJAY on bass, brushstroke on guitar, and KYON on drums, blending their diverse influences into a unique genre-defying sound. Catch them live at Johnny Brenda’s on July 15!
With massive waves of emotion that swallow and spit listeners out at the cusp of greatness with an insatiable thirst for more, Aime deals with the “shit or get off the pot” urgency in the maturation of every rapper doing it without the major label deal, sold out tour dates or diamond encrusted markers of a successful rap life. The Jamaica, Queens native who found his footing in Philadelphia serves a refreshing dose of real life. Irrational fears, wild euphoria and a well of potential are carefully woven into the blank spaces of a diminutive production which plays with a gravity that belies its size and posits Aime as the hero of every rap fan desperate for someone willing to tell the truth.

Originally from Beaumont, Texas, chiche is a Philly-based rapper, singer/songwriter, and producer. From singing at church to teaching himself numerous instruments before the age of 13, music has played a significant role in his life for as long as he can remember. Chiche’s genre-bending sound blurs the lines between hip-hop, R&B, alternative, and folk – one constant being his immense lyrical vulnerability. Good, bad, and ugly, he’s not afraid to tell you how he feels. 

3xpo and Lotits are a Philadelphia-based electronic duo known for their futuristic beats and innovative soundscapes. As the creative force behind Suzanne Sheer’s production, they are making waves with their new joint project, 3xplotits. Their sound is best described as a carnival ride of heavy bass and kaleidoscopic beats that offers listeners an unparalleled sensory experience.
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