Dave Kiss Presents

Velvet Rouge


Ages 21 and up
Saturday, July 27
Doors: 8pm

*All events are 21+ valid ID required for entry*

8 PM – Doors
9 PM – Show

Finding beauty beneath the pain and harmony hiding in heartbreak is an art form that Gina Zo has mastered as frontwoman of the Philly-bred, L.A.-based indie pop act Velvet Rouge. 
“I have always been a drama queen so it’s helped that I could feel deeply, and I could sing it out and write it into songs,” says the fiery talent whose auburn hair is a natural extension of the band name and the synesthesia-like reflexes that has her seeing red when writing new material. “It’s always been an outlet for me to sing about people I was dating,” she jokes. 
From the whispered breaths of folk-pop track “Lonely Since The Day We Met” to the shout it out nature of rocking boot stomper “Shattered,” the material on Velvet Rouge’s upcoming self-titled debut EP — with steady beats from Buddy Mazzenga, guitar-driven rhythm from Joe McEnany and guest pianist, Zo’s younger brother Tyler DeTulleo — comes off like the soundtrack to an all-nighter at the heartbreak hotel. “Imagine someone you loved turned their back on you. Or the moment you thought someone you trusted was honest only to find out they lied,” says Zo. “Velvet Rouge is the color you exude when you’re betrayed by someone you trusted.”

nate & sara & ryan & nick. indie rock is good for your soul!

LazerDisc is a Philadelphia-based band formed by singer, songwriter and guitarist, Kevin Schultes. After a decade of performances with The Wild Dogs and pirate-rock band, Captain Scurvy, Kevin continued writing original works and sought out bandmates for a new band, now known as LazerDisc. Joined on the drums by Michael Litt, Jory Fox on bass, Chelsea Oliver on synth, and Meagan Schweiger on keys, Kevin’s songs have taken on new life. The resulting sound blends elements from the genres, rock, grunge, electropop, and alt-country to accompany lyrics about love and heartbreak set in the city of Philadelphia.

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