Johnny Brenda's Presents

Crypt Sermon

Ages 21 and up
Friday, June 14
Doors: 8pm

*All events are 21+ valid ID required for entry*

8 PM – Doors
9 PM – Show

Dark heavy metallers Crypt Sermon unveil their bewitching new album, The Stygian Rose, under the Dark Descent banner. Featuring guitarist Steve Jansson (Daeva, Unrest), vocalist Brooks Wilson (Unrest), drummer Enrique Sagarnaga (Daeva, The Silver), guitarist Frank Chin (Daeva), bassist Matt Knox (Horrendous, The Silver), and keyboardist Tanner Anderson (Obsequiae, Majesties), the Philadelphia-based sextet parlayed their time away from the spotlight into a grander, more mysterious Crypt Sermon. The interflow of doom and heavy metals underpins The Stygian Rose, but these boundaries are effortlessly transcended. From the blistering solo salvo of “Glimmers in the Underworld” and the commanding rhythm of “Heavy is the Crown of Bone” to the evocative Near Eastern vibes of “Thunder (Perfect Mind)” and the intricate, masterful journey of the 11 minute title track, The Stygian Rose epitomizes the band’s burgeoning musical and conceptual prowess.

“There’s a lot of music out today that seems soulless. I can’t connect with it. But everyone seems to think almost every band is ‘good.’ Are they? They don’t seem like they’re talking about anything.” 
That’s FINAL GASP vocalist and guitarist Jake Murphy talking about a problem that his own band definitely doesn’t have. On their debut full-length, Mourning Moon, the Boston-based death rock dealers take on the weightiest of topics. “The whole record has to do with loss,” Murphy explains. “The title comes from that anxious feeling you have when you go to bed and you’re thinking about everything all at once. You’re regretting decisions you’ve made—or didn’t make—and you’re up all night thinking about it.” 
A harrowing journey through all things Hardcore, Metal, and Goth, Mourning Moon drags the listener through the dark in 12 thrilling tracks, and drives a stake right into the heart of 2023’s most compelling releases.

CONCILIUM is epic doom metal from Boston, with crushing riffs and enthralling vocals that recall the sounds of 80’s Candlemass trapped in 90’s Gothenburg. Lead by vocalist Paris Thibault alongside Greg Massi (Kayodot, ex-maudlin of the well), Nöah Störmbringer (Bygone), Dawn Passerini (ex-Dead Languages, ex-Intheshit), and Joe Goldwater (Kaldeket).

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